Exodus Small Group Resources

The book of Exodus tells of the second greatest act of salvation in human history. God almighty redeemed his people from slavery. He pummeled the most powerful nation in the world with devastating plagues, delivered his people through the waters of the Red Sea, and crushed the Egyptian army under the weight of his wrath. But, this was all only the second greatest act of salvation in history. In fact, it was only a foreshadowing of the greatest salvation that was to come after. One day, God was going to deliver his people from the slavery of sin and death through the most ultimate redeemer – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Recommended Commentary for Small Group Study

Small Group Discussion Guides

The below guides are downloadable and editable word documents with outlines and discussion questions for each passage. Use these in small groups or in discipleship relationships. They are designed to help teach not only the text, but how to look closely at the text while drawing appropriate application.

“I am who I am”

– God

(Exodus 3:14)