Family Worship

Family Worship Guides

The ABC’s of God’s Attributes

COVID-19 has kept many of us at home with our families more than ever before. This may be an opportunity for us to lead our families in worship like never before. This page was developed to help members of our church family lead their children in family worship. New lessons will be uploaded below several times a week for each letter of the alphabet.


Children are always learning. Now is the time to teach them truths that will ground them in God’s will for a life time. Family worship helps model for children that God’s word is not only for church. It is for life.


The songs we sing solidify the doctrines we believe. Singing truth helps us to believe truth. Sovereign Grace Kids Music has a great collection of children’s music that teaches the truth. Check out their kids albums here.


Jesus had to teach his disciples to pray. Making disciples means teaching others how to pray and this includes our precious children. Family worship is an opportunity for parents to lead their children in prayers for the lost, for the hurting, and for the church family. Consider praying through a member directory or for un-reached people groups around the world.